Brand & Product Designer
based in Seattle

Internship/ May-August 2023

My Experience as a Visual Design Intern on Player Platform at Riot Games


This summer, I was fortunate to join Player Platform at Riot Games, and I worked on a feature that serves over 180 million active players across the world!

Working at Riot allowed me to merge my love for design with my passion for gaming, collaborating with a dedicated team to create visually stunning and immersive gaming experiences. I witnessed the direct impact of my designs on player enjoyment, whether refining aesthetics, crafting engaging components, or innovating new solutions. This dynamic environment pushed me to grow as a designer, embracing industry standards and iterative feedback to continuously improve my work.

My time at Riot Games was transformative, enhancing my skills and deepening my commitment to both design and gaming. The blend of collaboration, innovation, and the chance to shape player experiences has left an indelible mark on my professional journey.

What was it like designing
at Riot?

What truly stood out to me was Riot's culture of informal sharing and constructive feedback.

I was encouraged to openly discuss the design challenges I encountered along the way. This level of transparency and vulnerability was met with a wealth of constructive feedback. Riot not only provided a platform for sharing but also actively nurtured an environment where feedback was given with the intention of helping me grow and improve.


What did I work on?

Project details under NDA.

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